Virtual Workshops

Virtual workshops that help you understand your natural patterns and increase team creativity and innovation.

You will learn:
How to grow your strengths from the inside-out
How to expand your positive influence with people different than you.
How to Tilt to context to shift the culture of your team

Tilt Presence - For Internal Agility

Tilt Presence is our introductory workshop and is suitable for everyone! It is especially powerful when used with an intact, cross-functional or self-managed team, but individuals can gain powerful self-awareness on their own. 2021 dates - November 15 at 10:00 am ET

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Tilt Influence - For External Agility

Tilt Influence is designed to help participants recognize what drives our interactions with others and develop strategies for working with colleagues more productively and with less conflict. The goal is to make small changes in unconscious habits, thereby developing the traits that increase our agility and positive influence. 2021 dates - September 20 at 10:00 am ET

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Tilt Strategies - For Team Agility

Tilt Strategies is built to help intact, cross-functional, or matrixed teams use a selected Tilt pattern of team Agility to develop more effective and productive ways of working together toward a goal. The team learns how to evaluate their current norms, how to coach themselves and build a plan for their development opportunities to strengthen their agilities. 2021 dates - October 18

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