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Tilt Box (Annual subscription bonus)
Get your own personalized Tilt box with your Tilt t-shirt, smartphone sticker, workbook, and other helpful worksheets for self-discovery. (Shipping only available to USA & Canada)
World-Class Coaching
Access to a monthly group coaching session with Master Coach Pam Boney or Erika Bill-Peter and other members of your Tilt pattern to accelerate growth.
Weekly Challenges
A full year of weekly challenges delivered to your inbox that help you focus on one positive character trait at a time over a full-year.
Online Learning
Access to numerous learning journey micro-courses that help you progress in your career and accelerate your growth path more quickly.

Understanding Self

A self-reflection journey that helps you understand the thinking that’s creating your current outcomes and re-shaping them for a greater future state.

You will learn:
That the way you think about yourself matters
You can build unshakable internal strength
Your inner experience of yourself can change everything
Learn the 12 Derailers of relationships in monthly group coaching sessions

Understanding Others

A self-reflection journey that helps you learn how to expand positive influence with others who are different than you, without losing your authentic self.

You will learn:
Clues to quickly identify all four Tilt personality styles
Easy tips to lean into the other three styles
How to manage yourself when triggered by others

Expanding Your Unique Brand

A self-reflection journey that helps you understand your inner motivations and how to better match them to your role, culture, and the people around you.

You will learn:
How to assess your role, culture, and people “fit”
How to communicate who you are at your best
Expand your brand and actualize your highest potential
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Frequently Asked Questions

How does group coaching work?
We host one coaching zoom session per month in two time zones to help you learn from other individuals and leaders in your Tilt pattern. It’s fun to discover are not alone in your unique strengths and also challenges. Grow exponentially by interacting with others like yourself. Very fun and informative!
How do Learning Journeys work?
The most successful leaders know that self-knowledge is the fastest way to change your outcomes in both life and work. Relationships are essential to your career progress and if you’re not a positive influence on others, it’s probably because your self-concept could use some tuning up. Some call this the imposter syndrome. The best indicator of your potential arises from what you think of yourself, so it’s an inside job, and learning on our platform makes it easy. Monthly coaching helps you accelerate your career growth and promotions.
Can I cancel at any time?
Of course! If you have learned what you came here to learn, we are happy to cancel your membership at any time after the first two months. It takes that long to find out how much it’s going to help you. We are extremely committed to customer happiness and will ask no questions if you wish to move on.
What’s inside the Tilt Box?
Sign up for a year and get a personalized Tilt box which will arrive after we’ve learned your Tilt pattern and size preference. Inside you will find a really comfy t-shirt for your Tilt as well as a sticker for the back of your smartphone so others will know your Tilt too. We include all kinds of other things like worksheets, laminations, and even bonus surprises!
Are the coaching sessions confidential?
Yes! You will learn behind the scenes in a zoom format where no one sees your name or face. Your coach will discuss one career derailer per month and use polls and chat to tap into the wisdom of the group. You can ask questions directly to the coach panelist who will answer them without others knowing you are the one who asked. Trust and integrity are the two anchors of the Tilt framework, so we are serious about protecting your privacy.
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World-Class Coaching
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Online Learning
Weekly Challenges
World-Class Coaching
Tilt Box
Make a fresh new start in 2021
* Monthly group coaching by Tilt pattern
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TILT solutions are without par in my experience. Pam and her team are changing the way coaches and organizations approach leadership. TILT 365 is sure to have an unprecedented impact on leaders everywhere!

Adria Trowhill, MCC, Canada's "Coach of the Year" 2008