Get certified in a suite of tools based on science.

Modern, memorable, & actionable personality assessments, development tools, & workshops you can use with individuals, team leaders, & even entire teams. Backed by the science of character.

Certifications Available:
Deliver transformative experiences.
Rapidly glean what's driving unconscious habitual patterns.
Help clients find self insights that inspire better results.
Get traction through a memorable & actionable framework.
Give them a development path they can apply immediately.

Certification Course Pre-requisites

Be sure to complete this free training before enrolling in the certification programs

You will learn:
The Tilt framework & structure
The principles & key concepts
The six mindsets of internal agility

Tilt Foundations

Five videos totaling less than 30 minutes explain the Tilt model, the underlying principles, and introduce the strengths and typical stress patterns of each True Tilt pattern.

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Tilt Mindsets

Understanding natural tendencies is not enough to understand how people behave. The variety of mindsets that operate underneath the behavior and explain how people may act in different situations. Learn about some important mindsets in the Tilt framework.

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True Tilt Personality Profile Certification

By completing your True Tilt Personality Profile certification, you should be able to help individuals and team members recognize the four Tilt patterns within themselves, what drives each one, and how this may impact the ways they show up.

You will also be able to help others understand their True Tilt Profile reports and implications and identify initial and ongoing ways to develop personal agility holistically.

What's included:
Self-study modules to learn concepts
Optional Tilt Presence workshop
Free assessments for practice
Kick-off: Jan 5 at 11 am EST (30 min)
Discussion calls: Jan 12, 19, 26 at 11 am EST (90 min)

Positive Influence Predictor Certification

Explore what drives most interpersonal conflict and how developing character strength can help individuals and intact teams improve working relationships for greater effectiveness.

Discover an easy and sustainable process for developing greater positive influence by increasing character strength and agility, one powerful trait at a time. Course includes online test and a practice debriefing.

What's included:
Self-study modules to learn concepts
Optional Tilt Influence workshop
Free assessments for practice
Kick-off Feb 3 at 11 am EST (30 min)
Discussion calls: Feb 4,10,17,24 at 11 am EST (90 min)