Explore the four True Tilt personality patterns in depth, including why we do what we do. Discover the potential within each of us to use any of the Tilt patterns as needed. Personality is only where we begin - character development is our path to greater personal and professional agility, creativity, and innovation. Help individuals accelerate the best version of themselves with a memorable, easy-to-use process for ongoing development and greater balance even in stressful situations. Course includes online test and a practice debriefing.
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Course Timeline

All live / online sessions are from 3 - 5 p.m. EASTERN, including the practicum session.

Course officially begins with the self-paced study lessons online. Candidates can begin this study up to a month before the first live session (March 5). Self-paced study continues between each live session. Final exam and a practice report debriefing are required to complete certification.

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Welcome to True Tilt Personality Profile Certification!
    • How this course works
    • Timing for self-paced study and live sessions
    • Get your True Tilt Personality Profile
    • Introduce yourself!
  • 2

    Self-paced study 1 and live session 1

    • A video for your True Tilt
    • Get your workbook
    • Read and reflect
    • Get to know your True Tilt and report
    • Sources of our preferences
    • Understanding character
    • Developing Character Strengths
    • Why we can have confidence in the True Tilt Personality Profile results
    • Week 1 live session: True Tilt Personality Profile certification
  • 3

    Self-paced study 2 and live session 2

    • My flip side mirror
    • You're not a type - you can Tilt!
    • All about Unique Tilt Amplifiers
    • MY Unique Amplifier
    • My Tilting tendencies
    • Learning check and review
    • Plan for your True Tilt Personality Profile practice debriefing
    • Week 2 live session: True Tilt Personality Profile certification
  • 4

    Self-paced study 3 and live session 3

    • S-T-O and reflect
    • My allies
    • Review sub-personas in my Unique Amplifier
    • Implications of True Tilt relationships for practitioners
    • Practitioner logistics: How to access your Tilt 365 dashboard
    • Practitioner logistics: Accessing others' reports
    • Practitioner logistics: Make sure you're ready to do a practice debriefing
    • Week 3 live session
  • 5

    Preparing for your practicum

    • Guidelines for Debriefing True Tilt Personality Profile Reports - resource
    • Review the certification course experience so far
    • Tell us what you think
    • Get ready to take the exam
    • Certification exam
  • 6

    The practicum

    • REPRISE: Guidelines for Debriefing True Tilt Personality Profile Reports - resource
    • Conduct your practice session
    • Practicum debriefing - live session
  • 7

    Complete your certification!

    • Sign the Certified Tilt Practitioner Agreement

About this Course

Why it's important to you

The Science of Character has provided solid evidence that companies led by leaders with strong character out-perform companies led by leaders with weak character. (1) And in top companies, everyone contributes to company culture and team climate. (2) So it’s important for everyone to bring the best version of themselves to work. (And don’t the people in our personal lives deserve our best selves, too?)

  • 1. Keil, Return on Character
  • 2. Teach beacon. Ian Gotts: Lessons from agile: Happier teams are more productive, so spread the cheer

How it will help you

After you have completed True Tilt Personality Profile certification, you should be able to help individuals:
* Recognize the four Tilt patterns, what drives them, and how this may impact the ways they show up
* Understand their True Tilt Profile reports and implications
* Discover the potential for all four Tilt patterns within themselves
* Identify initial and ongoing ways to develop personal agility holistically – to Tilt to context intentionally

  • Certification

    This course certifies you to help individuals build internal agility and character through use of the True Tilt Personality Profile Assessment.

  • Who should attend?

    Coaches, consultants, talent development professionals, change agents, and anyone in the people development domain.

  • Prerequisite

    Tilt Foundations and Introduction to True Tilt Personality Profile (each ~ 30 minutes, self-paced)

Did you know ...

This course approved for International Coach Federation CCE Credits3

Core Competencies: 3 Credit Hrs Resource Development: 14 Credit Hrs Total: 17 Credit Hrs
International Coaching Foundation