Five videos totaling less than 30 minutes explain the Tilt model, the underlying principles, and introduce the strengths and typical stress patterns of each True Tilt pattern. An optional video on the science of Tilt is also available. Command of concepts in this course are the basis for all ongoing Tilt certification and study.

About this Course

Why it's important to you

Research published in peer-reviewed, scientific journals has demonstrated that character strengths have robust relationships with important outcomes. Character influences well-being, job performance, and other outcomes of interest for both individuals and organizations.

Introduction to the Tilt Framework for Practitioners

In this course you will learn the foundations of the Tilt framework in a self paced on-demand course.  This is a pre-requisite for all of our Tilt 365 Practitioner Certification courses. The Tilt Framework delineates 12 key character strengths and shows how these strengths are interrelated. Strengths in the same quadrant are strongly related and combine to describe one of four meta-strengths: Resilience, Courage, Wisdom, and Humanity. Strengths in opposite quadrants are counterbalances to each other.

There is a common misconception that more is better when it comes to character strengths, but both too much and too little utilization of a character strength can be detrimental. Using character strengths in a balanced way yields positive outcomes, while both overuse and underuse can lead to negative outcomes. (8) Overuse and underuse can be counteracted by having a balanced amount of a strength and the strength shown opposite in the model. For example, overusing integrity can lead to being rigid and unbending, which is detrimental to likability. Likewise, overusing likability and deferring to what everyone else wants is detrimental to integrity. Balance in all 12 character strengths is key for agility.

  • Certification

    This course is foundational to all other Tilt Practitioner Certification courses. It may be taken as a standalone overview to Tilt 365, or as a pre-requisite for certifications.

  • Who should attend

    This course is the introductory course designed for anyone who is interested in learning more about Tilt 365, our model and tools.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Tilt Basics

    • Welcome
    • Tilt Model Overview
    • Tilt Principles
  • 2

    Tilt Basics Quiz

    • Tilt Basics Quiz
  • 3

    The True Tilts

    • Introduction to the 4 True Tilts
    • Stress Patterns
  • 4

    True Tilts Quiz

    • True Tilts Quiz