Team Agility Predictor Certification December 2021

Katherine Gilliland
3 Weeks of Self Paced Study
Weekly discussions + practice, each 90 minutes
Access from anywhere
International Coach Federation CCE Credits
Get certified in a tool that allows you to quickly and easily help teams uncover the unconscious habits that may be keeping them from reaching their true potential. Learn how to help them develop a customized plan that enables them to coach themselves back into flow and stay focused on what to start, stop, and keep doing for high-performance and agility. Completion of the certification includes passing an online test, participating in a virtual workshop, and completing a practicum.
After you have completed the Team Agility Predictor certification, you should be able to help teams:
Identify their current assumptions and why they work the way they do

Use selected Tilt patterns of team Agility to develop more effective and productive ways of working together toward goals

Quickly coach themselves, as a team, back to Agility and flow

Build a plan for their development opportunities
Why is this important to me?
Agility is a top priority for team leaders and top executives because it enables their organizations to compete effectively in this era of constant digital disruption. Agile teams can adapt to current trends, business needs, and complex dynamics while accelerating productivity, creativity, and innovation. Agile team climates also improve resilience and employee morale, which are key to retaining talent.
How does certification help?
This course certifies you to help teams build greater agility and work more effectively toward goals.
Who should attend?
Coaches, Change Agents, Talent Development Professionals, HR leaders, I/O Psychologists, Change Consultants, Team Facilitators
What are the Prerequisites?
This course requires active True Tilt Personality Profile Certification and/or Positive Influence Predictor Certification.

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Welcome to Team Agility Predictor Certification

    • How this course works

    • Timing for this course

  • 2

    Self-paced study 1: Team Climate & Generative Culture

    • Get your workbook

    • Introduction and reflection

    • What is a team?

    • Climate versus culture

    • My peak team experience

    • Generative teams

    • How generative teams function

    • Character Strengths enable Agilities

    • There are two Tilt team reports

    • Get your sample Tilt team reports

    • Get to know the Team Climate Profile report

    • Get to know the Team Agility Predictor report basics

    • Logistics for setting up your Team Agility Profile practice debriefing

    • Logistics: How to access your Tilt 365 dashboard

    • Logistics: Purchasing on someone's behalf and accessing others' reports

  • 3

    Self-paced study 2: Team Agility Predictor & the Agility Continuum

    • Go online to access the full report insights

    • Deep dive into the Team Agility Predictor report

    • Try a Team Agility Predictor assessment for yourself

    • Team Climates

    • The Agility Continuum

    • My less-than-peak team experience

  • 4

    Self-paced study 3: Building generative performance & intentional Tilting

    • About self-paced study chapter 3...

    • Working with team leaders and teams

    • A method for helping teams develop sustainable agility and generativity

    • What is the goal ?

    • Which Tilt outcome does the goal require?

    • The intentional Tilt

    • Agile balance

    • Time to "buy" a Team Agility Predictor

    • Guidelines for Debriefing Team Agility Predictor Reports - resource

  • 5

    Review your experience and take the exam

    • REPRISE: Guidelines for Debriefing Team Agility Predictor Reports - resource

    • BONUS! A new aid for clients

    • Review the certification course experience so far

    • Tell us what you think

    • Get ready to take the exam

    • Certification Exam

  • 6

    Practicum: Use the Team Agility Predictor

    • Practice using the Team Agility Predictor

    • Have you achieved your goals for this course?

  • 7

    Tilt Strategies Workshop

    • Tilt Strategies Workshop

    • Workshop Completion

  • 8

    Complete your certification!

    • Resources available to you

    • Prepare to sign the agreement

    • Sign the Tilt Certified Practitioner Agreement

This course is approved for International Coach Federation CCE Credits

Core Competencies: 3 credit hours
Resource Development: 14 credit hours
Total: 17 credit hours
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