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... Start your own journey, sign up here to purchase and take your True Tilt Personality Profile assessment.

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... Schedule coffee or a beer or kombucha or green tea or ... well, whatever you and your friend are into! ... Catch up on life.  Reflect on the year, your friendship or your brother or sisterhood, or your co-worker-hood or whatever you share! 

... Share your True Tilt Personality Profile results. Get a laugh! Share a story of when you remember your friend at their best {fill in the blank Tilt pattern}!

... Make a plan to stay in touch. To be each others' accountability buddy for tackling an area of personal or professional growth.

Start your journey to self-awareness. Then bring a friend along for more fun!.

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Your True Tilt is not a one-and-done "type" label.

It is just the starting point for your own journey. It is representative of how you naturally show. Your natural strengths arise from both genetic predispositions and unique life experiences.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Start your journey to self-awareness... then share with a friend the gift for free!

    • Before you start .... the Free for A Friend Offer
    • Your turn first - Take Your True Tilt Personality Profile assessment then get a link to share a free assessment with a friend!
    • Now, More Insight ... A video for your True Tilt
  • 2

    Some Bonus Material for You!

    • Learn more about sources of our preferences
    • You are not a "type." Character Strengths can be continuously developed
  • 3

    Now Catch up with that Friend of Yours and Compare Notes!

    • Here are Some Options for Continuing Your Journey