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International Coach Federation CCE Credits
Explore what drives most interpersonal conflict and how developing character strength can help individuals and intact teams improve working relationships for greater effectiveness. Discover an easy and sustainable process for developing greater positive influence by increasing character strength and agility, one powerful trait at a time. Course includes an online test, virtual workshop participation, and a practice debriefing.
After you have completed Positive Influence Predictor certification, you should be able to help individuals and teams:
Recognize what drives our interactions with others

Understand their Positive Influence Predictor reports and implications

Start developing strategies for dealing with conflict and working with colleagues more productively

Develop traits that increase positive influence
Why is this important to me?
Sometimes, even individuals and teams with great talent need help improving performance because competencies and resources aren’t what’s holding them back - unconscious and reactive interpersonal dynamics are. Developing awareness of our unconscious reactions and what drives them, followed up with actionable plans for increasing positive influence and interpersonal agility helps individuals, teams, and organizations increase their productivity, creativity, and innovation exponentially.
How does certification help?
This course certifies you to help individuals and teams build positive influence and interpersonal agility.
Who should attend?
Coaches, consultants, talent development professionals, change agents, and anyone in the people development domain.
What are the Prerequisites?
This course requires Tilt Foundations and Tilt Mindsets (free on-demand course) as pre-requisites.

This course is approved for International Coach Federation CCE Credits

Core Competencies: 7 credit hours
Resource Development: 10 credit hours
Total: 17 credit hours

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Welcome to Positive Influence Predictor Certification On Demand!

    • How this course works

    • Timing for this course

    • Get your Positive Influence Predictor report

    • Tilt Influence Workshop - New for 2021!

    • Introduce yourself!

    • Q&A Opportunity - New for 2021!

  • 2

    Self-paced study 1: Creating positive influence with key stakeholders

    • Get your workbook

    • Defining positive influence

    • Analyze your self-assessment results

    • Follow up with your observers

    • 'Purchase' a Positive Influence Predictor on behalf of your practice-debriefing person

    • Build a basic stakeholder map

    • What drives our interactions - and applying it

    • Fit and positive influence - and applying it

    • Tilt relationships - and applying them

  • 3

    Week 1 live session replay

    • Week 1 live session replay

  • 4

    Self-paced study 2: Balance in the polarities of character strengths & traits

    • Working with my stakeholders

    • Follow up with observers (again)

    • Balance in Character Strengths and traits

    • Tilt Factor Chart and practice

    • Balancing polarities versus over-Tilting

    • Interpreting observer feedback

    • Before time runs short! Follow up on observer feedback for your practice person

  • 5

    Week 2 live session replay

    • Week 2 live session replay

  • 6

    Self-paced study 3: Analysis & debriefing of Positive Influence Predictor results

    • Recognizing what to count

    • My first 4-week journey / development plan

    • Guidance for debriefing Positive Influence Predictor

  • 7

    Week 3 live session replay

    • Week 3 live session replay

  • 8

    Prepare for and take the exam

    • Review the certification course experience so far

    • Tell us what you think

    • Get ready to take the exam!

    • Positive Influence Predictor certification exam

  • 9

    Practicum: Use the Positive Influence Predictor

    • REPRISE: Guidelines for Debriefing Positive Influence Predictor Reports - resource

    • Conduct your practice debriefing session

    • Have you achieved your goals for this course?

  • 10

    Practicum debriefing - live session replay

    • Practicum debriefing - live session

  • 11

    Tilt Influence Workshop

    • Reminder - Tilt Influence Workshop - New for 2021!

    • Workshop Completion

  • 12

    Complete the certification process

    • Resources available to you

    • Prepare to sign the agreement

    • Sign the Tilt Certified Practitioner Agreement

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This course certifies you to help individuals and teams build positive influence and interpersonal agility.

Pam Boney - Founder & CEO