Explore what drives most interpersonal conflict and how developing character strength can help individuals and intact teams improve working relationships for greater effectiveness through positive influence. This course features an easy and sustainable process for developing greater greater positive influence by increasing character strength and agility, one powerful trait at a time. On-line test afterward.

Course Timeline

One highly interactive, two-hour session per week for three consecutive weeks. Advanced preparation before the first live session, individual assignments after the first and second weeks, and an exam after the third week should bring the total completion time to less than 9 or 10 hours.


About this Course

Why it's important to you

Sometimes, even individuals and teams with great talent need help improving performance because competencies and resources aren’t what’s holding them back - unconscious and reactive interpersonal dynamics are. Developing awareness of our unconscious reactions and what drives them, followed up with actionable plans for increasing positive influence and interpersonal agility helps individuals, teams, and organizations increase their productivity, creativity, and innovation exponentially.

How it will help you

After you have completed Positive Influence Predictor certification, you should be able to help individuals and teams:
* Recognize what drives our interactions with others
* Understand their Positive Influence Predictor reports and implications
* Start developing strategies for dealing with conflict and working with colleagues more productively
* Develop traits that increase positive influence

  • Certification

    This course certifies you to help individuals and teams build positive influence and interpersonal agility.

  • Who should attend

    Coaches, consultants, talent development professionals, change agents, and anyone in the people development domain.

  • Prerequisite

    This course requires Tilt Foundations (free on-demand course) as a pre-requisition.

Did you know ...

This course approved for International Coaching Foundation CCE Credits

Core Competencies: 14 Credit Hrs Resource Development: 10 Credit Hrs Total: 24 Credit Hrs
International Coaching Foundation

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