Get personal support from a Master Coach

Mentor Group Sessions

If you are planning to apply for a credential with ICF, you will need ten hours of mentor coaching by an approved Mentor Coach. Carol Keith, is an MCC expert and laser coaching is the best way to ensure you pass your practice submission.

Cohorts open for enrollment
February 14- March 28, 2022
From Noon -1 pm ET

Course curriculum

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    First, save the dates for your Group Mentoring Sessions

  • 2

    How to prepare for your group mentor sessions

    • Group Mentoring #1

    • Group Mentoring # 2

    • Group Mentoring # 3

    • Group Mentoring # 4

    • Group Mentoring # 5

    • Group Mentoring # 6

    • Group Mentoring # 7

    • Individual Mentor Call # 1

    • Individual Mentor Call # 2

    • Individual Mentor Call # 3

Got Questions?

Why would I need mentor hours?
You only need mentor coaching hours if you plan to apply for or upgrade a credential with ICF.
What are the mentor groups like?
Mentor groups allow you to practice your skills with other coaches to prepare you to apply for a credential with ICF. You get to watch someone else coach six times, and practice once yourself with the group observing and offering feedback. If you simply want to practice with others and polish your skills a little at a time, it works for that purpose too. You also get 3 one-to-one mentoring observations with our MCC coach Carol Keith who will give you feedback on recorded practice sessions you do outside of the 7 group calls. This prepares you for your application to the ICF for a credential.
We know things can happen. If you need to cancel your order for mentoring hours we will move you to the next available mentor group if you cancel within 30 days of start so we can sell your seat. If not, we will charge a small admin fee of 10%.
What do I get if I don't do mentoring?
The Laser Coaching MASTERCLASS awards you a certificate and badge that certifies you as a Master Laser-Coach and you can display that badge on your resume, CV, Linked In credentials, or anywhere else. Many coaches do not go on to get credentials with ICF, so they would not need the mentor hours offering. It's up to you whether you want to apply for International Coach Federation credentials, but if you do, mentor hours are required with your application.
How do the personal mentor hours work?
You will practice your skills with a volunteer client and record the sessions. You can submit your practice calls to your mentor for feedback. You will use Raenotes software platform to translate your sessions into a transcript and submit to your mentor. Then discuss that feedback in the three laser mentor sessions. The mentor will use the ICF coaching competencies to assess your skill level over time.
Mentor Group Dates
We are offering two upcoming cohorts for Mentor Groups, running for 7 weeks. The open cohort begins February 14 (accepting enrollments now). Limited to seven students, so we cannot promise availability if you don't sign up early.