Get certified in the laser coaching method for leaders paired with Tilt365.

Level-up your coaching skills and help your team solve their own problems by learning the laser-focused coaching method. Breakthrough results happen when you stay out of the story and coach the person’s mindset and thinking instead of solving the problem for them. Learn the coaching issues and derailers of the four Tilting patterns so you can coach with precision.

This Masterclass will help you:
Discern when coaching is the right approach versus performance management
Facilitate growth in individuals skillfully, so the whole organization learns faster
Practice skills that eliminate office politics by reframing the way people think
Recognize the four Tilt patterns with underlying drivers and career derailers
Understand the implications of stress reactions, blind spots, and derailers
Build and shape a culture where people love to work so top talent thrives

Certification Course Prerequisites

Be sure to complete these free mini-courses that will give you the foundation you need to understand the purpose, intent and outcomes you can expect from using the Tilt science as a framework for learning the laser-focused approach to coaching.

At a glance:
Solving the complex problems of our time requires ethical innovation
Dysfunction arises from ego-fear and creates divisiveness
Character strengths must be part of leadership training & development

Science & Methodology

These free mini-courses will change how you think about human behavior forever. Discover how character science is the timeless solution that can resolve the extremes of divisiveness and unify all to solve the complex problems of our time.

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Laser Coaching for Leaders MASTERCLASS

Self-paced study blended with practice groups
Access from anywhere virtually
Summer Cohort starts June 8 for 17 weeks (specific dates and times below)
Fall Cohort starts August 11 for 17 weeks (specific dates and times below)
Tilt’s Master Agility Coaches have been delivering expert coaching in the technology and science industries for over two decades. In 2021, we will bring laser coaching skills directly to team leaders in organizations who wish to build a strong coaching culture.

As the workplace evolves, we believe that expensive personalized coaching should be reserved for high potential and top leaders. In order to cascade coaching skills throughout the culture, human resource professionals and team leaders themselves must learn to be effective coaches. They will benefit greatly by learning who is coachable and who should be directed using performance management instead. The Tilt master coaches plan to bring this important skill directly to those who lead or support teams.

The laser approach is designed to cut right to the issues and create a generative culture that allows top talent to work with agility and ease because it eliminates ego-drama and office politics.
By completing this Tilt Laser Coaching Certification, you will be able to transform behavior through masterful coaching skills, and by example, be part of building a coaching culture that helps everyone:
Learn to shift (Tilt) behaviors to context intentionally

Discern when coaching is the right approach versus directing or performance management

Facilitate growth in individuals skillfully, so the whole organization learns how to embody a coaching culture

Practice skills that virtually eliminate office politics and ego-drama by reframing the way people think

Recognize the four Tilt patterns with underlying drivers and coach their common derailers

Understand the implications of stress reactions, blind spots, and derailers

Build and shape a culture where people love to work so top talent thrives
Why is it important to me?
The skills this course offers are not available anywhere else because we teach more than just the laser-focused method. Coaching skills for leaders is the new way of working in agile organizations today. We link this powerful technique with a simple but scientifically-derived visual framework that helps participants learn to quickly identify the top derailers, thinking mistakes, and misconceptions made by the four most common personality patterns assessed by the True Tilt Personality Profile.
How is this course delivered?
The course itself is also designed to be laser-focused for busy leaders who have many other priorities to juggle. The on-demand portion contains over 30 hours of curated expertise and knowledge gleaned from our top master coaches. Live discussion and practice occur twice per week for 90 minutes. You will master the skills in such a way that you can choose your own pace, time, and the location where you want to learn. Engaging videos and demonstrations plus access to live-online discussions facilitated by the coaching masters help you process what you have learned independently. It usually takes six months to complete, but spreading it out over a year works too!
What is laser coaching?
There are many forms of coaching used by the coaching profession and by leaders in organizations. Action plan coaching is generally what new coaches are practicing and helps provide support and accountability for simple habit change goals. Transformational coaching is much more complex and requires a deep understanding of the human psyche and the unconscious patterns that often drive surface behaviors and outcomes, which come from many years of advanced study and practice.
Laser coaching is a different approach from either of the practices mentioned above in some fundamental ways. Experienced practitioners are often attracted to this method because it gets to the heart of the matter faster. For this reason, it can be beneficial for busy leaders. Since the method drives hard and quickly to the truth, it requires to be courageous and straightforward, so the leader needs to know how to process emotional or defensive reactions quickly.
Who it’s for
We’ve found that internal organizational leaders are often naturally skilled at learning the laser coaching approach as they can easily reframe mindsets. They’ve learned that coddling sensitivities will lead to corporate politics and drama, so they want a method that keeps people focused on their work. They also know that solving problems for others only leads to dependence, so they see the benefit of staying out of the problem-solving to enable the coachee to advance their internal agility and balance, even in stressful situations.
Why do I need MASTERCLASS Certification?
Learn and practice the Tilt 365 laser-focused coaching method for use with your team or a team you support, including coaching all four patterns of the True Tilt Personality Profile Assessment.
Who should attend?
This course is for busy HR leaders, coaches, talent development professionals, and change agents who want to be part of building a laser-focused coaching culture
What are the Prerequisites?
Tilt Science & Methodology (free) suggested before this course. Some knowledge of the Tilt framework and personality profiles helps.
Hold the dates

Spring Cohort: (sold out)

Discussion calls:  Starting Feb 2 for 17 weeks at 11 am NYC time for 90 minutes.

Practice calls:  Starting Feb 11 for  16 weeks at 11 am NYC time for 75 minutes.

Summer Cohort:  (apply now)

Discussion calls:  Starting June 8 for 17 weeks at 11 am NYC time for 90 minutes.

Practice calls: Starting June 17 for 15 weeks at 11 AM NYC time for 90 minutes.

Fall Cohort: (apply now)

Discussion calls:  Starting August 11 for 17 weeks at 11 am NYC time for 90 minutes. 

Practice calls: Starting August 19 for 15 weeks at 1 PM NYC time for 90 minutes (skip Nov 25). 

Cancellation Policy
We know unexpected things can arise and that you may have to postpone or cancel. If you cancel within 30 days of the cohort start date, we will try to sell your seat and can issue a refund less an administrative fee of 10%. If you cancel after the start time, we will move you to a future cohort but cannot issue a refund because we held the seat for you.

Did you know...

Certification requires passing an online test, completion of on-demand learning at your own pace, with engaging video and discussion with top masters in the field of coaching. It isn’t required, but if you plan to apply for a coaching credential with the International Coach Federation, there is an optional offering of skill practice mentoring groups that qualify you to apply for the ACC upon completion of course requirements.

Note: This program is designed to give you the ACSTH credits you need to apply for your ACC. The application cannot be submitted until the first students have graduated, so will be available sometime in mid-2021.

Course curriculum

Blended learning with 30 hours of LIVE ONLINE practice and mentoring, plus 30 hours of curated concept and skill-teaching curriculum that is delivered through ON DEMAND self study at your own pace

  • 1

    Overview of Laser Coaching

    • How to navigate this course & learning approach

    • Overview of the Laser-focused coaching approach

    • How to laser coach in a nutshell

    • Circle back quiz

  • 2

    Coaching Essentials - Part 1

    • Demonstrating ethical practice

    • Embodying a generative coaching mindset 

    • Grounding yourself in presence

    • Practice experiences

    • Circle back quiz

  • 3

    Coaching Essentials - Part 2

    • Establishing clear agreements

    • Conducting the discovery phase

    • Understanding feedback & biases

    • Aligning coaching objectives

    • Circle back quiz

  • 4

    Laser -Focused Coaching Method - Part 1

    • WHY (Impact): The purpose & intent of laser coaching

    • WHAT (Clarity): Guiding principles of the laser method

    • HOW (Structure) The structure of the laser coaching session

    • Circle back quiz

  • 5

    Laser-Focused Coaching Method - Part 2

    • WHO (Connection): Assessing the coach-ability of clients

    • The Tilt generative coaching model - Whole-person coaching

    • Circle back quiz

  • 6

    Coaching with Humanity & Heart

    • Humanity: Listening actively to open the heart

    • Trust: Cultivating a relationship based on trust and safety

    • Empathy: Normalizing to reflect genuine compassion

    • Likability: Inviting enjoyment, lightness & play

    • Circle back quiz

  • 7

    Coaching with Wisdom & Mindfulness

    • Wisdom: Evoking awareness to explore beyond the current state

    • Perspective: Reflective inquiry to separate fact from fiction

    • Focus: Grounding in the present moment

    • Diligence: Sharing direct observations and experiences

    • Circle back quiz

  • 8

    Coaching with Resilience & Spirit

    • Resilience: Facilitating a lift into the experience they want

    • Openness: Noticing shifts of energy & share them to encourage confidence

    • Inspiration: Creating space to imagine a new state of being

    • Creativity: Sharing intuitions openly to expand possibilities

    • Circle back quiz

  • 9

    Coaching with Courage & Guts

    • Courage: Championing growth experiences that actualize their truth

    • Confidence: Empowering the learning by looping back

    • Boldness: Potentializing the shift by anchoring a new practice

    • Integrity: Confirming alignment with their true convictions

    • Circle back quiz

  • 10

    Coaching the four common Tilt patterns

    • Clues and themes: STRUCTURE Mastermind Tilt pattern

    • Clues and themes: IMPACT Change Catalyst Tilt pattern

    • Clues & themes: CLARITY Quiet Genius Tilt pattern

    • Clues & themes: CONNECTION Cross-Pollinator Tilt pattern

  • 11

    Bringing it all together

    • Most Common Mistakes Coaches Make by Marion Franklin, MCC

    • Bringing it all together- Practice Call 1

    • Can we truly change personality and why it matters

    • Bringing it all together - Practice call 2

  • 12

    Next steps

    • Lessons learned

    • More resources for you

    • Course evaluation so we can improve!

    • Congratulations & what's next

Meet Your Instructor

Erika Bill Peter, PCC

As an Executive Coach and consultant, Erika has devoted her entire career to understanding human dynamics and transformation in a variety of contexts. Having worked with and in diverse industries, companies, and countries, she brings a wealth of hands-on experience in helping individuals, teams, and organizations become their best true selves by unleashing their potential and finding their purpose.

Master Agility Coach
Meet Your Instructor

Carol Keith, MCC, CMC

Carol Keith is an Executive Coach and Master Certified Coach with over 20 years of experience in training, coaching, mentoring, and mediating, providing her clients with a balance of insight and practical application. She believes that people can achieve their best by increasing their self-awareness, understanding their natural strengths and challenges, and therefore becoming a better communicator, employee, or team leader.

Master Agility Coach
Meet Your Instructor

Pam Boney

Author and thought-leader in the domain of character science, Pam has been researching character strengths, traits, and derailers for her entire career. Previously a senior executive in the hospitality industry, she left to become an entrepreneur. She has founded three companies & is deeply committed to the education of character intelligence in organizations to promote ethical innovation that can help solve the complex problems of our time.

Founder & CEO, Master Agility Coach
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