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Generative Leadership

Our certifications and journeys help you and your teams recognize your natural strengths and weaknesses while offering a path towards agility and generativity to solve the complex problems of our time.

Generative teams love challenges and are passionate about culture.
They enjoy disruption and organizing the chaos. They know who they are and teach us unique values that reflect their self-awareness.
They set themselves apart by having a clear mission with something to prove.
They know they are more complex than just a "type." They use direct feedback because the mission is more important than ego-politics.
Give them a good framework, then watch them move at rocket speed
Give your team the tools that are relevant to how they work. Tilt 365's suite of scientifically validated tools and framework leads them towards agility.
Get certified to help the best teams get even better.
Grow your own self-awareness as you learn how to use Tilt. Work with individuals, teams, or implement the suite of tools and workshops to build great company-wide culture.

Tilt Science & Methodology

Research published in peer-reviewed, scientific journals, has demonstrated that character strengths have robust relationships with important outcomes.

Character influences well-being, work performance, and other outcomes of interest for both individuals, professionals, and organizations.


Tilt Suite of Assessments Certifications

Tilt's tools are unlike any other personality or style assessment and go way beyond them with specific actionable growth plans. Tilt 365 includes not only individual and team assessments, but also clear development paths and ongoing support.

The framework and approach are so easy to remember and apply that clients see results fast, so they’re motivated to keep growing.

Certifications Available:
True Tilt Personality Profile Certification
Positive Influence Predictor Certification

Tilt Laser Coaching - ACSTH Approved for ICF

Get certified in Laser Coaching with 60 hours of curated content taken from coaching industry masters with decades of experience to help leaders learn how to use the laser coaching method directly with their teams. Total of 48 hours of instructor discussion and practice groups available to help you anchor the skills to build a coaching culture in your team and beyond.

By completing this Tilt Laser Coaching Certification, you will be able to coach, and by example, teach team members how to solve problems themselves.

Get personal support from a Master Coach

Mentor Group Sessions

If you are planning to apply for a credential with ICF, you will need ten hours of mentor coaching by an approved Mentor Coach. Carol Keith, is an MCC expert and laser coaching is the best way to ensure you pass your practice submission.

Virtual Workshops

Take control of your team's remote development.

Evolve Yourself

Our learning journeys show you your natural strengths and how to begin to develop all of the strengths you will need to be agile. Our unique and breakthrough research will help you learn new ways to think about the top twelve derailers that impact culture. Learn how to help yourself and coach others to avoid them by attending one virtual coaching session with a master coach

Personality is only where we begin - character development is our path to greater personal and professional agility, creativity, and innovation. Learn how to become the best version of yourself through character development and learn to recognize and value differing strengths in others.